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Entering Into Relational Prayer

Experiencing God's Tremendous Love

A deeper personal relationship with God requires not only belief in a loving God, but the experience of that love on a felling level. This book guides the reader in discovering, entering into, and experiencing God's tremendous love. By skillfully weaving Scripture, stories and contemporary experiences, Maureen Conroy leads the reader to let go of distorted or limited notions of God, and to open us to experiencing God as a living, loving Person who can transform us. Prayer exercises at the end of each chapter provide practical ways for the reader to enter into this deeper relationship. Maureen Conroy, a Sister of Mercy, has educated and supervised spiritual directors for many years at the Upper Room Spiritual Center, New Jersey and Creighton University, Nebraska. She is the co-ordinator of two developmental programs for spiritual directors at the Upper Room and is also engaged in spiritual direction, retreat work, and adult education. Maureen holds a M. Div. Degree Seminary, a D. Min. degree from St. Mary's University, Baltimore, and is the author of numerous articles and four other books including: The Discerning Heart; Looking into the Well: Supervision of Spiritual Directors; Growing in Love and Freedom and Journey of Love.

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Personal Experiences of Counseling and Spiritual Direction

What is the difference between spiritual direction and counseling? In what ways are they similar? Do counseling and spiritual direction ever conflict with each other? When people are going for both at the same time how can these two experiences complement each other and help people to grow in love and freedom? How do spiritual directors know when to refer someone to counseling? Through examples and case studies, Maureen Conroy has prepared a handbook for the practical use of those considering direction or counseling, for those giving it, for those conducting develomental programs and retreats. Three appendices are included to offer further aid to those seeking discernment as directee counselee, participant or leader.

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God Moving in Our Hearts and Lives
Journey of Love

In a book of reflections meant more to be prayed than read through, Maureen Conroy examines the various movements of our hearts and lives that occur as we journey in love with God. This journey is about letting God make a home in our hearts, about our surrendering to God's desire to give us fullness of life. Along the way we experience dark times, periods of grief, toxic shame or depression, but there are also times of light and joy. The author shows how, no matter what our state, each phase is an invitation to experience divine love and mercy. An experienced spiritual director, the author structures each of her reflections around a scripture quote. These reflections are like guided meditations, rich in visual imagery. Each one ends with a four-part way of "being" with God-by pondering the words, sharing experiences with God, listening, and finally responding to God's words of love. Many of the responses include concrete actions to experience afterwards.

With its strong emphasis on praying with the scriptures, this helpful, positive book helps to reflect one's journey with God and live it ore fully. It's meant for individuals growing in their prayer life, individuals who desire scripture to speak more personally to them, and spiritual directors who want concrete tools.

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Supervision of Spiritual Directors

Maureen Conroy, author of the best-selling The Discerning Heart, offers another pioneering effort in the arena of spiritual direction and pastoral counseling. Looking Into the Well: supervision of Spiritual Directors is the first book-length treatment of the supervision and development of spiritual directors.

Looking Into the Well is specifically written with spiritual directors, supervisors, and educators of spiritual directors in mind. Proper supervision, the author declares, is necessary for the development of skilled spiritual directors. By providing examples of learning experiences for spiritual directors, supervisors, and training teams, Looking Into the Well offers an experiential approach to the art and science of spiritual direction that can be used for personal reflection as well as for group discussion and role-playing. In addition, the book offers prayer and reflection experiences, case studies, evaluation methods, and other experiences for group and individual use. Examples of verbatim conversations between directors and supervisors are also included.

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The Discerning Heart
Discovering a Personal God

The Discerning Heart

Many books have been written about St. Ignatius and The Spiritual Exercises but few have discussed Ignatius' classic work from an experiential point of view. In The Discerning Heart,
Maureen Conroy explains how Ignatius' Rules for Discernment can help individuals understand their personal relationship with God. The Rules describe what happens to people when they relate to God in a personal way, and offer guidelines for daily living. Conroy begins with Ignatius’ own conversion and then describes the experiences of contemporary people. Conroy describes how to discover a personal God but also discusses the ways spiritual directors can help people recognize their inner movements.  She provides specific examples and case studies that bring out the meaning behind the Rules for Discernment. In addition, a series of questions designed to encourage individual reflection and group discussion, appear at the end of each chapter. Finally, the author offers suggestions for prayer that can help people savor and explore their own spiritual experiences.

The Discerning Heart would be helpful to:

  • anyone interested in Ignatian spirituality
  • those who desire to enter into a more lively experience of God
  • spiritual directors who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Rules for Discernment.
  • those who train spiritual directors
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Giving The Retreat In Everyday Life
Based On The Spiritual Exercises Of Ignatius Of Loyola

This 3 inch looseleaf binder contains prayer sheets and articles on the 4 weeks and other parts of the Spiritual Exercises. Spiritual Directors through the years have found this handbook extremely helpful in offering both longer and shorter Annotative Retreats.

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